How does this work?

So...uh, how does this digital thing work?

The Gilly And Keeves online store associates all of your purchases with the email address you used to make your order(s). In order to watch any digital purchases you have made in the store, you either need:

  1. Your order confirmation email (the one that says "Your Gilly And Keeves content") - click on ACCESS CONTENT.
  2. A valid account on the store from which a digital content purchase has been made. You can either Log In or check your Account page - from there just click CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR DIGITAL CONTENT.

Oh no! I didn't create an account when I made my purchase!

That's ok. Just create an account using the email address you made your purchase with. Everything will link up like magic.

NOTE: If you paid via Paypal - your purchase was made using the email associated with your Paypal account, sometimes even against your wishes. That's just Paypal. So - make sure to use your Paypal-associated email address to create your account.